Project 4

Thrown and Altered Project 4

Problem: Create a series of forms that use the concept of a composite form.
Objective: Learn the basic technique for constructing composite forms with thrown and altered components.  Utilize multiple alteration techniques within a piece that has 3 or more thrown components.  Learn how to join non-circular thrown components in a manner that expresses purposeful aesthetic and design concerns .
Identify several forms of other artists that incorporate composite construction techniques that appeal to you.

Make several sketches of that explore variations in using the demonstrated technique. 

Produce 10 pieces that display the following:
-all pieces including 3 or more thrown and altered forms
-inclusion of non-cylindrical formal components
-use of faceting, pushing in and out on the wet form, and darts/gussets.

Discuss the drawings you have made with your instructor before beginning
Pay attention to timing during the alteration of the cylinder as well as the drying of the piece.


-reinforce all connections with a coil
-dry all pieces slowly
-take advantage of timing during drying